Wintex has a well-established R&D department,
which is continually developing fabrics with extreme technical performance.

Wintex has been working since 1999 producing high-elastic mesh to create a more comfortable office environment.
Also, we have developed a variety of fabric that are suitable for living environment as well.
During more than 20 years, We have supplied both of mesh and fabric to our customers around the world.

Not only studying new products ourselves in our own lab, but we also strive to achieve the best results based on our rich experience, even if we face very innovative and high-technical required requests from our customers. We think it is our mission.
We are always open to study, try and show you our best results for you.

As a result of these efforts, Wintex is currently producing items that can be applied to a wide range of categories including furniture, interior design, shoes, and automobile industries.
Also, our products are always developed with the customers’ needs as the top priority.

We promise that we will continue to work with new technologies and designs that other textile companies have never thought of.
Wintex will always do our best to satisfy what our customers goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to work with. Then Wintex will always try to get what you want.