Wintex has a well-established R&D department,
which is continually developing fabrics with extreme technical performance.



Wool is always graceful.

Wool is a perfect for creating a comfortable office environment with elegance and luxury that cannot be duplicated by any other material.
It has various innovative functions, such as excellent drapability, sound absorption and breathability.
Wool is naturally flame retardant and self -extinguishing.

  • Daisy The design emph a comfortable touch of melange naturally With the luxuriousness of the wool material. It focuses on functionality such as the fluffy texture, natural ventilation and excellent drapability which makes any form possible.
    Daisy Specifications
    Application seating, Upholstery
    Content Wool 100%
    Width 56inch
    Weight 560g/y

  • Node Inspired by the unrolling of a red carpet a special day, It is a design that b035t5 a sense of luxury and durability with its dense texture and sophisticated colors, , as well a powdery and warm touch.
    Node Specifications
    Application seating, Upholstery
    Content Wool 70%
    Width 56inch
    Weight 540g/y

  • Glove The design is characterized by a classy texture with a rhythmical impression with a classy glossy 100% wool yarn which is twisted to create the textured direction
    Glove Specifications
    Application seating, Upholstery
    Content Wool 100%
    Width 56inch
    Weight 570g/y


Step by step

Dyed with two-tone color on the weavers inspired by the vines planted on the stairs that walked along the trail, the design emphasizes the natural color as a subtle feeling, and the durability and color of the various colors are striking.

  • Step Specifications
    Application Seating, Upholstery
    Content Polyester 100%
    Width 54inch
    Weight 410g/y



The NCS system is based on how we perceive color visually, regardless of surface, pigment, or lighting. The NCS system therefore allows you to describe every single one of the 10 million colors that the human eye can perceive.
This has made the color system a global standard for the definition, quality assurance, and communication of color.
The color system is used by architects, designers, and material manufacturers, and retailers the world over.