Wintex has a well-established R&D department,
which is continually developing fabrics with extreme technical performance.


WINTEX's manufacturing technology

WNTEX's mesh fabric uses HYTREL's high-performance elastomer, DuPont's thermoplastic poly elastomer, to provide excellent pressure distribution, breathability, antibacterial effect and elastic restoring force.

Beyond technology

As a representative textile of Wintex, Mesh is our unique technology, which shows differentiated performance as well as design, and it has superior resilience and elasticity with comfort and durability over 100,000 times compared with other products. WinTex produces the best quality in the right environment. We have our own factories with production capacity from wide space of 19800 square meter, such as weaving machine, inspection machine, fixed machine, etc., to produce various performance and characteristic fabrics. With numerous trials and years of research. We have developed our own patented technology thereby getting over numerous errors. We do not stop here. We continue to research and develop for continuous development.

Process of Production

Mesh Process

QC(Quality Control)

To improve quality

In our daily morning meetings we conduct important safety training, safety is our top priority.
In order to achieve our high standards and to minimise defects, we scrutinize all daily production activities and customer orders.
We investigate the causes of defects, and implement solutions to maintain our quality standards.